ABS vs PLA – Decision Guide

ABS vs PLA – Decision Guide Test –

Which filament is better for your 3D printing project? Take our test and learn answer.

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ABS vs PLA Specifications Comparison Table



Polymer Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Polylactic Acid
Properties High Strength Impact Resistance High Temperature Resistance Good Strength Almost no Shrinkage Easy to print
Appliacations Electronics enclosures Objects exposed to heat Mechanical Parts Consumer products Large objects At-home printing
Durability High durability Good durability
Flexibility Low Flexibility (Elongation at break 20-30%) Very Rigid (Elongation at break aprx. 5%)
Post-Proccessing Ideal for sanding, dissolves in acetone Sanding possible, no solvent to work with
Biodegradable (Requires special environment)
Print Temperature 220°C - 240°C 190°C - 220°C
Shrinkage Very Little
Heated Bed Required (80°C - 110°C) Not Required (60°C when used)
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