How to Earn Money from 3d Printing Models

Got 3D design skills? Learn how to sell your 3D content for 3D printing and make money off your talent.

What 3D Models sell best?

Best selling 3d Model Categories

Let’s assume the index value of 100 represents marketplace average. So higher the index, the better your chances of selling more 3d models in that category.

Above Average

  • Art – 146 – e.g. Sculptures
  • Fashion – 152 – e.g. Belt Buckle
  • Hoby & DIY – 2015 – e.g. Robots

Below Average

  • Miniatures – 99 – e.g. Figurine
  • Gadgets – 86 – e.g. Phone Cases
  • House – 79 – e.g. Vase
  • Jewelry – 66 – e.g. Ring
  • Science – 33 – e.g. DNA Model
  • Games & Toys – 33 – e.g. Chess set

How to Price your 3D models in each category

If we compare average listing price with the average sales price in each category, we can see if the category is under priced or over priced. When the average listing price is lower than the average sales price (e.g. Household). the category is under priced – that means you could raise the listing price on your high-quality models. In contrasts, when the category is overpriced (e.g. Watercraft). you could be better off offering lower-priced models.


Average Sales Price : $20

Average Listing Price : $9

Hobby & DIY

Average Sales Price : $9

Average Listing Price : $7


Average Sales Price : $23

Average Listing Price : $20


Average Sales Price : $14

Average Listing Price : $16


Average Sales Price : $24

Average Listing Price : $35


Average Sales Price : $20

Average Listing Price : $61


Average Sales Price : $6

Average Listing Price : $46


How to maximize your 3D Models Sales

Sell at least 50 models

Our data suggests that designers displaying portfolios 51-100 3D printable models sell 1.3 times more often than those with 1-50 models on display-besides the proportional growth. It is possible that a higher number of models indicates higher quality of work, but if you are able to offer more that 50 3D printable models for sale, you will be maximizing your chances of success.

Set prices at below $10 for simple models and between $30 and $40 for more sophisticated ones

3D printable models with the price range $30-40 sell the most often, which means that customers are looking for a package of attractive price and quality. If you are selling cheap and simple 3D models, price them below $10 – it will give you 1.5 more sales than pricing between $10 and $20.

Offer sample 3D models for free

Customers like to test-drive before purchasing. Data shows that designers with free 3D printable models in their portfolio have 2 times more sales, so giving one or two models away for free will actually help you sell more.

Add 10-14 preview images

3D Printable models with 10-14 images sell 3x more often than models with 0-4 preview images.

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