How to calibrate ZYYX+ 3d Printer Probe

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best3d Staff asked 1 year ago

How to calibrate ZYYX+ 3d Printer Probe

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best3d Staff answered 1 year ago

The print head probe is calibrated from the factory and under normal circumstances it will not need any calibration.
If you have replaced or unscrewed any part of the print head or if the printer is showing an error message “Your printhead probe needs calibration. Please run the probe cal script.” you can perform this calibration.
1. Download a special script file, if your ZYYX has firmware version Sailfish v7.7 rZX20 or later use >this< file. If it has an earlier version use  >this< file.
2. Unzip and put the script file on the SD Card, and put the SD Card in the printer.
3. Select “Print from SD”, and select the file “ZYYX_PROBECAL_FW1.X3G”.
4. Follow the instructions in the printer LCD Display.
NOTE, the copier paper should be a standard 80-90g laser or inkjet paper.
NOTE, while pressing the midbutton move the paper continuously to make sure you feel the grabbing point, and note that at first you might feel some residue plastic under the noozle but this will be scraped off and the you feel the paper grabbed firmly.
NOTE, by pressing the left cursor button and the selecting cancel you confirm and save the calibrated value.

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