Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 Error Code 311

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best3d Staff asked 2 years ago

What is the solution for Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 Error Code 311

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best3d Staff answered 2 years ago

1. Phenomenon
Nozzle Sensor status does not change after Booting 3DWOX.

2. Causes
  1) Faulty Nozzle Sensor
  2) Incomplete installation of the Bed
3. Check List
① Make sure that the Nozzle Assy is properly attached.
  – If the Nozzle is out of position, please refer to the ‘5. Maintenance – 5-12 Assembling the Nozzle’, reposition the Nozzle and close the Upper Cover.

  – Check and Make sure that the Upper Cover is holding firmly.

② Power off the 3DWOX and move the nozzle to the leftmost position to check if the sensor is working properly.
  – If the Nozzle is pushed all the way to the left wall, there will be a click sound. When the Nozzle is pulled back rightward, the sensor status changes.
  – If the Nozzle is once again pushed to the left, there will be a click sound and the sensor status is switched again.

  – After Checking the Nozzle Multiple times, reboot the 3DWOX to check on the EC pop-up.
※ There may be a delay due to debris, but the Nozzle will get back to its normal status after several Nozzle checks.

③ Check the Nozzle Sensor
  – Check the Nozzle Sensor by fully pushing the tip of the Nozzle Assy on the left. The filler, located on the bottom of the Nozzle, should move up and down.

④ Check the Bed installation
  – Incomplete installation of the Bed can cause the EC 311 Error Code. Please check the complete installation of the Bed