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best3d Staff asked 1 year ago

What is the solution for XYZprinting 3D Scanner Error code 5040

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best3d Staff answered 1 year ago

Error Code 5040
 1. Reconnect to the scanner or use another USB port. After reconnecting the scanner, click on Retry to start device detection.
2. Open your Device manager and go to Imaging devices, check whether or not 3D Camera Virtual Driver, 3D Camera (Front F200) Depth and 3D Camera (Front F200) RGB appear and are named correctly.
3. If you can’t see 3D Camera Virtual Driver then you might need to install Real Sense Driver. Reinstall the drivers on the supplied SD card.
4. If you can’t see 3D Camera Virtual Driver or 3D Camera (Front F200) Depth, check that the scanner is connected to the USB 3.0.
5. If the suggestions above don’t solve tje issue, go to Control panel > Programs and functions and uninstall Intel Real Sense Camera Manager F200. Connect the scanner to the computer and reinstall the drivers on the SD card, then follow the on-screen instructions to update the firmware.
If the steps above don’t solve the issue, contact our customer support team.

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