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How to Earn Money from 3d Printing Models

Got 3D design skills? Learn how to sell your 3D content for 3D printing and make money off your talent. What 3D Models sell best? Best selling 3d Model Categories Let’s assume the index value of 100 represents marketplace average. So higher the index, the better your chances of selling more 3d models in that […]

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The Possibilities of a 3d Printers

3D Printing capabilities are rapidly expanding, with endless possibilities of incorporating this technology using a variety of materials, including nylon, sugar and even human cells. Every aspect of human life can be affected; just look at the opportunities for 3D printing in our lives. Fashion Object : Clothing / Material Used : TPU 92A-1 Object : Jewelry […]

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Types of 3D Printing Technology

As outlined in our introduction to 3D printing, the basics of 3D printing involve building up layers of material until a solid shape is formed. There are several methods for achieving this, this page should act as a brief guide to some of these different methods. Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) This method, also called Fused […]

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