The Possibilities of a 3d Printers

3D Printing capabilities are rapidly expanding, with endless possibilities of incorporating this technology using a variety of materials, including nylon, sugar and even human cells. Every aspect of human life can be affected; just look at the opportunities for 3D printing in our lives.


Object : Clothing / Material Used : TPU 92A-1

Object : Jewelry / Material Used : Nylon

Object : Running Shoes / Material Used : Nylon Poly-amide Powder


Object : Bionic Ear / Material Used : Calf Cells, Polymer Gel, Silver Nano-particles

The normal range of hearing is 20 Hz to 20 kHz, but the bionic ear can increase that range up to 5 GHz.

Object : Internal Organs / Material Used : Bio-Ink

Object : Skin Grafts / Material Used : Skin Cells, Polymers

Object : Prosthetic Limb / Material Used : Choice : Polymer, Metals, Plastic


Object : Utensil Holder, Vase Key Chain Holder / Material Used : Laywoo-D3


Object : Chocolate Sculptures / Material Used : Chocolate

Object: Cake toppers / Material Used : Sugar

The Future of Food  -> Powder –> Water + Oil –>

In the future, food may be printed from mixing protein and carbohydrate powder with water and oil.


Object : Building/Structure / Material Used : PLA (Bioplastic)

Object : Decorative Outdoor curtain / Material Used : ABS (Thermoplastic)

Object : Planters / Material Used : Concentrate


Object : Fuel Injector Parts / Material Used : Metallic Powder

Object : Motorcycle Shell / Material Used : Windform XT

Object : Cell Phone Display / Material Used : Graphene

Graphene is an ultra thin, transparent, flexible and also a electrically conductive material that is 200 times stronger than structural steel.

3d printing can drastically alter the production and accessibility of life’s necessities. With new materials being introduced every day, how will this evolving printing technology influence future generations and life as we know it?

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