Unit of measurement within Voxelizer Software. Every object is represented by a Voxel, a three-dimensional pixel in space. The size of a voxel can be adjusted.


The “head” that is mounted on your ZMorph machine. Single and dual heads are used for 3D printing. When a CNC mill is mounted you are most likely to mill either 2D or 3D.


It’s the part built-in inside the metal block just above the nozzle. It serves as a temperature feedback mechanism – be careful not to damage it when changing the nozzle!


structure for objects with a big overhang. In order to print them correctly, it has to have support material underneath. The support material is removable after the print is ready. Can be removed either mechanically or dissolved (PVA or HIPS).


File format initially used for Stereolithography files only, now widely used with all kinds of 3D printing software. STL files include the pure geometry of 3D models without a color or texture. They can be later transformed into G-codes in slicing software.


Selective Laser Sintering, which is an additive manufacturing process which utilizes a laser to sinter layers of powders. Used mostly in bigger, industrial 3D printers. SLM and DMLS are other laser-based methods of digital fabrication.


Common name for a computer software used for preparing models for 3D printing. Programs like Voxelizer slice the models into horizontal layers that are later 3D printed one after another based on G-code files.


Another name of a single layer of a 3D printed object. The thickness of a slice depends on a value set in the slicing software.